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Meysam khosravi known as professionallu as “Meyson” is an Iranian singer and music composer. His music is the result of his closeness to pop music and is influenced by rock, Latin music and dancehall. The lyrics of his songs are inspired by romance, love, and heartbreak. Meyson’s latest single is “I want you”, a ballad inspired by past relationships that invite us to spread our wings and seek new horizons.

آهنگ ایرانی بین المللی آهنگ جدید آهنگ شاد و احساسی ایرانی آهنگ میسون آهنگ های میسون بهترین خواننده بهترین خواننده ایرانی خواننده ایرانی عکس با کیفیت عکس میسون عکس های میسون موزیک میسون گالری عکس های میسون